Gianmaria Nobile 25.04.2021 03:55
It was while I was searching for a violin for a career as a musician that I found this atelier. Two years after, I could not be more satisfied: the friendliness of the owner combined with the extremely fine quality of the instruments impressed me greatly, and I am happy to express my contempt with the instrument and bow with which I am now playing. Really top class!

Jasmin Atabekyan 25.04.2019 19:08
So thankful to and its manager for providing a beautiful french violin to my daughter after she became a prizewinner in Leonid Logan International competition in Brussels, Belgium last year! The instrument was so much better than the one our daughter used to play. Having this violin helped her make much better progress this year. management is always willing to assist the musicians finding the right instrument for every individual.
Strongly recommend their services.




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